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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EST

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he's telling. frankly. dynamic. for a. month. seven thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines a fresh outburst of heavy handed u.s. policing against demonstrators as officers pepper sprayed peaceful students protesters at a california university in syria the deadline set by the arab league for the country's authorities to end the violence expires this saturday but fresh clashes have claimed a dozen more lives. libyan authorities claim they've captured moammar gadhafi son saif al islam one of the colonels and most influential family members who is believed to have been lined up as his successor. next of lattimer's you're an off ski in the spotlight stay with us.
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hello again a welcome to spotlight the interview show on r t i know they're not running they were talking about russian politics seven parties are campaigning for seats in the state duma the lower chambre of the russian parliament for the first time ever the m.p.'s will be elected for five years aside of four and this makes the campaign more intriguing their use of the general election go take place on december fourth and has become pain goes on we continue our pretty l.f. through interviews but like gives you a unique opportunity to hear from the leaders of the party and today we have eleven european offscreen head of the liberal democrat. reaching out to
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everyone in the crowd the first ever political party to really put us in pull soviet russia was the liberal democrat party it's slogans have always been clear and simple like no taxes for small business while doubling salaries for teachers and the populace tactic has worked so far that party has always gained it share of seats in the state duma. the first officially sanctioned opposition party in the soviet union the liberal democratic party of russia was founded in one thousand nine hundred a year before the collapse of the us ceasar throughout the two decades of its existence the party has been centered around its highly charismatic leader like the nerve hearing of ski. his first political breakthrough came in one nine hundred ninety one and he came in third at russia's first presidential election. eccentric behavior or temper and sharp tongue have made him one of the most conspicuous
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personalities on russia's political arena as well as immediate thought the nineteen ninety three to my election were the biggest success for the liberal democratic party which gets twenty three percent of the vote more than its rivals afterwards it could never come close to as good a result the party's populist rhetoric and the charism of its leader have so far guaranteed it seats in russia's state duma. hello mr sure enough ski thank you for being with us to begin with guarding your campaign agenda are you happy with russia's current foreign policy issue and do you still consider the united states to be russia's mean potential adversary told. us foreign policies and foreign affairs in general are all parties strongest point i am writing a book right now titled the coming orient where i lay out take on all major foreign
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policy issues it's your personal strong point because of your background. oh yes my first degree was in international relations. in principle russia's present foreign policies are smarter than they were in soviet times and under president yeltsin but we still see some drawbacks i mean our stance could be tough for us take north africa we should have blocked any u.n. security council resolution and prevented any air strikes against libya. the same thing our party demanded during nader's yugoslavia containing. russia must not allow any country in the world to get bombed no military intervention should be authorized except for somalia maybe. the whole world is faced with somali piracy with ships being hijacked brazenly secondly it is unacceptable that russian
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citizens should be arrested and incarcerated anywhere outside russia such as the latest case in the jigga stand where an unfair verdict and an eight year prison sentence were handed down to people whose actions had nothing to do with border violation of smuggling finally russian women are sometimes deprived of their children not only in islamic countries but also in places like norway or france therefore we feel russia should be tougher and more steadfast and assertive in its foreign policies as well as more explicit in stating its interests how good for w.t. org session for one shouldn't be such a soap opera with deadlines constantly shifted and everything depending upon george's consent. it leaves a bad aftertaste you know. but still they have readily accepted economies like kurdistan to latvia but they are a tours with russia despite its vast potential after the us soviet foreign policy was regarded as the number one enemy force under yeltsin it was almost perceived as
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our number one friend is it friend or for for us today enemy number one in the us yes and a very dangerous one and that why the u.s. aspires to global domination it has military economic and financial assets in place . and russia is the only nation still capable of challenging it even given all our recent departures from the great salvage legacy. the americans remain our adverse and they work day and night on the minus. what about china take the case of the truth why did the us next boot they know perfectly well he didn't do any criminal shipments but their point was to be sure they can arrest the guy and put him in jail it was the same story with the irish and co a pilot jailed for some alleged intentions a similar scenario was recently employed in the biggest town prompted by the americans georgia kept arresting us and eventually assaulted us to do things like us really would have ever dared that on his own no way it was all there at it from
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washington the baltic states any dirty tricks against russia orchestrated by the us and have been ever since may nine hundred forty five. and supporting saturday if you're a personality in terms of pirelli freedom eric reasoning is it more rewarding for russia to be america's friend or opponent well even americans would come to grips with the reality the best option for both our nations would be just right a bilateral strategic accord and to hell with the rest of the world including china the year to the muslim world and all us allies and all of russia's foremost so-called brains it should be just moscow and washington the two of us in charge of all carriers our two presidents should meet once a year in a neutral location let's say occupy a single hotel and go through all the issues and agree on things that's it everything else would follow suit and it would be much cheaper and there probably wouldn't be a global economic crisis but the american still seem to think they can manage it
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all without us they can see europe is grumley you will lose the election so france will get a new president the us has been unable to sway these lemming world whereas they would have managed it with russia's support china is also growing concern for them therefore the time will come when they will pursue a bilateral accord with us because nature will eventually collapse and so will the e.u.'s the euro zone. your party and yourself have a reputation as ultranationalists at least that's how they pay. would you agree with that or how else would you describe your attitude. we have never considered ourselves an ultra nationalist party ultra nationalists resort to force that they put the issue point blank one ethnic group is better than the rest. they preach racial prejudice we do none of that but we're realise that the russian people are
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in a difficult situation of the moment jew to a certain circumstances where the soviet authority is to blame for that is the communist party that they fought against. in that sense they should agree with us all we want is to stop discrimination against the russians the russian people form the core of the nation in that sense there is nothing at all to write about our ideas were in favor of territorial rather than ethnic divisions the way it is practiced in the u.s. u.k. india and the rest of the world there is nothing about us slogans or russians that should be surprising to them or raise questions. about us but ethnic division is practiced in the u.k. they have known arlen in scotland populated by slightly different ethnic groups your slogan liberal democrats for the russians in the u.k. would then become liberal democrats when the english for the british went for the english only and that would be perceived as all true nationalist could you please explain your slogan to us the english run the world today or the end was saxon's to
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be more precise what you mean to see the british or the endless saxons the british and the americans and there is a distinction between the wish and the british i agree i mean the adult saxons not the scottish or the irish the ethnic group that created the british empire. today we can say that it's a body is in the us and its head is in london. the anglo-saxon civilization let's call it this way controls the majority of the western world. it controls nato the euro and etc. we have the russian world which we control i am referring to the slavic world christians and catholic poland. they have their own backyards we have ours. when you see that liberal democrats are for the russians to mean ethnic russians or the russian nation just
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like we said earlier the english or the british. we need the russian civilization. with nothing blood parentage birthplace religion or even language should be the criteria of whether or not a person is russian we say should be down to your own self identification. you identify yourself as russian just be russian no need to cry it out loud. if you don't want to be russian if you say you are a jew a church and a tautologous would mort you are welcome to consider yourself whatever you want we will not force it on people. when you go into issues special papers or set up camps or try them down or return the nationality entry to passports or make them feel all forms know their densify themselves as russian their russians as simple as that we are not one finland or poland or a part of japan but russians are
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a divided people there are plenty of them in ukraine and belarus and northern cousin stunners there are a lot of russians in canada they are distant russians then numerous and if they want to better relationships with russia we would be happy to see them back home welcome if any russians are watching right now let me tell of. stop fooling around and come back to russia from canada the us britain france germany and all the countries of the world that will be ten million reach educated cultured people coming back to russia they do here they call their mother that they must heed the calling of their ancestors who lived in russia i know why i told them to return back to russia but if they don't want to pine is their problem business everything should be voluntary and the decision should come straight from heart without any pressure no one will be forced to declare his nationality it should be a russian civilization a russian world it could be even simply a them. that could be a union of those who speak the russian language those who want to communicate in russian need to help each other that. says let emitters you know enough ski head of
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the liberal democrats spotlights will be back shortly after a great south stay with us. wealthy british scientists some time tirelessly. market trying to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report on our keep.
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the faith. more news today violence is once again fled up the fees are the end of his cold calling and seeing from the street the canada. shining corporations are the day. to come. walking back to spotlight i'm older now and just a reminder that my guest in the studio is of lead the ministry of ski have of the liberal democrats. what was it with mr zhirinovsky another campaign slogan of your
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party you're in says holds liberal democrats for the poor but i think the last time it was the forty headed by vladimir lenin that used the slogan in nine hundred seventeen don't you fear it could against you. we are not afraid of any historical comparisons our party album holds the freedom of discussion that rejects any left wing political ideology because we believe these are defeatist used that have no future when we say that we stand for the poor we don't mean that we are against the rich rather our aim is to help them get rich we don't seek to sprawl create asses from someone and give them to the needy we want to remove any hurdles that prevent the majority of the poor from getting wealthy that's the message of our slogan there can be no historical comparisons no similar examples no connections to the policies of the bolsheviks we absolutely reject anything of the
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sort. here an old timer in the russian parliament and during all these years you have the decisions of the ruling party however recently you have stepped up your criticism and we've seen a mounting confrontation with the party in power what is angered you so much why did you become disappointed with do united russia party mr putin and president and then. well the initial stage ten or eleven years ago there was a striking contrast with the yeltsin era the last decade was marked by tough opposes fight against crime an attempt to pacify the caucasus or bring justice to those who are massed their fortunes unfairly alike could get others consolidation of territory his appointment of governors these were the measures we were quite satisfied with but in recent years these processes were put on hold in particular consolidation of territories. regions were removed from the map we believe that
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half of the regions should go russia should only have forty regions forty provinces each with a population of three to four million people in small regions should be incorporated into their bigger neighbors but that's not happening. at our course he's the only one in jail while many more need to be punished shouldn't be necessarily prison sentences but they should return the money into economy we're talking of hundreds of billions of u.s. dollars why were the budget funds about thirty percent channeled abroad between two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten. why is there so little support to agriculture why is the cost of a road so i was not called dismissed just a year ago that means there have been a lot of mistakes they've made big promises but we don't have the roads the housing program was not completed the healthcare program was not completed either the same with trade and the pharmaceuticals market the drug problem is still there basically
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there's not a single major issue that has been tackled with positive results that's the reason why we have been against it and will continue to be extremely critical so there was a time when you got the power it was when you have the maturity in the parliament to deliver on your promises then i don't think so we didn't have the technical majority party just came first in the election but i'll faction listed only sixty four deputies whereas you would generally need two hundred twenty six voices to pass any decisions it was the stadium or with a shorter than usual mandate we serve just two years then we would be happy to exercise our power but we didn't have the conditions we spoke out against several candidates for the position of a prime minister in a secret ballot we voted against kerry and cold churn in there in and in an open ballot we voted against primakov we voted against the budget drafts since two thousand and nine tooth two thousand and eleven and i guess the recovery program worked out by the government we would have done it. differently we have plenty of
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money we must introduce a state monopoly on alcohol tobacco and sugar russia should not export its natural resources gas oil coal but instead process it domestically we should consume everything here and stop helping anyone else russia does have the conditions for us to quit our slogans to why we must cancel all taxes for our region of the far east and switch on to a tax free economy there it would spur economic growth but what has the united russia party done and those who were in power before it they introduced a special economic zone in the market done regions did it work no they cut ticket prices for pensioners and students did it work and no all those steps did not work in contrast our plan would be to introduce a tax free economy to the whole russia's far east we seek to get rid of the standardized state exam and step up the fight against corruption and against terrorists our platform provides for more effective ads we've changes we need more homes for us citizens so let's start building more houses we don't just criticize
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the united russia party when pushing left the office of president he said there was only one thing he wasn't able to tackle corruption but corruption is the key problem ls we overcome corruption we will not manage to solve any issue for years have passed but they haven't sold any issues present inventive said this is a dead end but liberal democrats give you a fourth option the soviet policy failed yeltsin's polls have failed. to slow down to hold so we all fell fourth option that would give us the opportunity to move ahead. you always do so many promises you don't agree that you're a party of nationalists that you're a party of ultra populist no different than no i want to clear it out you were the first politician in russia to gain support through populist with the help of your personal popularity by populism you mean the protection of the rights of ordinary people then my reply would be positive were other promising to protect the ordinary people but if by popular you mean promises that can be kept then i would say no oh
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. promises can't even you can overcome corruption certainly really absolutely so person doesn't want to tackle corruption you fail to mediate if they don't want to they failed. why can't you tackle it yes we can use modern can you spend some you why you can to ok we need to do something is half of the country's governors replace the cabinet renewed opponent get rid of its upper chamber count the expenses the number of deputies and hold elections less often consolidate the territories and give people the opportunity to build homes for themselves with power gas sewage and water supply facilities provided for three by the state what about traffic jams in moscow is not a real problem the reason is that the roads have been turned into parking lots we should ban all these parking lots and no car shall park on the road that's the case in europe would you call it populism oh my proposals have become reality in europe or are being implemented i don't promise the onset of communism it will never happen i propose
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a forty percent limit on power meant receipts for all parties on the let's go back to corruption in fact all of your proposals were put in just twenty years ago when you also replaced gorbachev you launched in major reshuffle here near the parliament and the staff of all the state agencies but there resulted in the nearly five fold increase in the number of officials with the level of corruption beating down of the soviet times after they did what you propose no it didn't work no you forgot why the earth least everyone you forgot the main thing. that says liberal democrats for the russians. i will pin my hopes on the russian people i will tell them russians this is your home country exam to wake up it's time to stop fearing and giving in putting up with humiliation take the power in your hands here it is i'm giving it to you the party has won and since you voted for us let us take the necessary steps let us grow down on corrupt officials let us use video surveillance let us cut on red tape. let us introduce house arrest and electronic ankle
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bracelets all decisions will be taken swiftly i don't have friends among governess i will fire seventy percent of them the same with city mayors they must be appointed without approval of local partners getting rid of red tape taken all decisions quickly we will declare an amnesty and hundreds of thousands of prisoners will be free will not support repressions we want to free as many people from jails as possible everyone needs to have a job we will starve the use of migrant labor and there won't be a single migrant in the country what will happen they will go back home to take a stand who will do all the construction work russians yes russians but they don't do that they will but they don't want to they don't they do know they don't want to you can publish an advert saying you need to cleaners in one of moscow's districts for a salary of a thousand us dollars you will see russians coming to work in two hours we will release the least with the full wages that the migrants are supposed to get officially and the russians will replace them in no time we will do that no one has
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tried to solve the problem that way i promise you we will tackle the issue so far no one's done that but we surely will also i suggest conducting an experiment let's suspend the train service between the tadg a capital dushan bet and moscow and you will see that everything will work as usual the one thing we won't have is the huge number of illegal migrants as a result crimes and diseases will be on the decline and the locals will have the workplaces they need. to refer to developed economies around the world. looting the american and european ones but both in the u.s. and europe there are a lot of low qualified and low paid jobs that are done by migrants both legal and illegal. to tell you that's the case in the netherlands and in the us. their local communities don't want to do that they want to be architects engineers and managers people are willing to do that they're asking for a simple job they want to sow and reap bread to dig ditches they are eager to work
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there are five million unemployed and another five million underemployed i've seen these people is half an hour they're ready to get down to any world that today's and it over to migrants we will show it when we introduce a ban on migrants we won't have a single jobless person in this country. election is a political process do you think there's anything that should be changed in russia's political system absolutely i told you that the best form of democracy is a palin entry republic that's our goal for the future the pollen consisting of just one chamber and numbering two hundred deputies will then a lack a president for a five year term so we will appoint a government that will be accountable to the pollen and and will fire ministers once we see that they are not informing enough then people will feel the difference but who will set a threshold for the number of members that apology needs to get to register one
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hundred thousand supporters if you have a hundred thousand supporters your party will do register it you know the party is banned it there will be just three parties left united russia of the communists and the liberal democrats the remaining three parties shall be out and into the dustbin of history they will not be part of the political system and a longer everything will be in compliance with law and order no violence no depressions and then the russians will see that this is a country for them but it will be followed by an explosion of color. of emotions and economic boom people will cheer up again today russians are oppressed downtrodden humiliated and abused there's no place for them in the constitution television radio and the press are full of through safavi propaganda we will change that immediately suppressive was thank you very much for being with us today in just a reminder that my guest was glad enough to get enough the leader of the liberal democratic party and that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have your
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say on spotlight or have someone in monsey you think i since we next pipe here drop the spotlight will be back with your first comments on the what's going on in their outside bush up until then stay on our team and take. president out of.
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